Present wrapped up in winter background representing gifting Acorn Biolabs stem cell collection service in Toronto

Giving the gift of a healthier, longer life

We all know how stressful and sometimes frustrating holiday shopping can be. Every year, we probably promise ourselves to start earlier and refrain from leaving things to the last minute. But life often gets in the way, and finding a truly unique and memorable gift for a loved one can seem almost impossible. 

But what about a gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime? Something so impactful to a person’s health and well-being that Toronto Life put it on its 2019 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide?

We’re talking about Acorn’s non-invasive stem cell collection. It’s a gift that will provide your loved ones with regenerative medicine, which is changing the way we treat people affected by diseases that include Parkinson's and Alzeihmer’s. It also has the potential to 3D print new organs using only human cells.

Until now, stem cell therapy has been incredibly expensive, invasive and potentially dangerous. Harvesting live cells was typically done by surgical means, including bone marrow harvesting and liposuction. But Acorn has developed the technology to harness those live stem cells by simply plucking a few hair follicles from a person’s head. 

Once that’s done, the stem cells are cryopreserved at a specially designed facility where they are analyzed to provide detailed health analytics. Our own cells hold the key to both the identification and treatment of various diseases. They have the potential to unlock vital information about our health that we can in turn use to identify potential roadblocks to individual well-being, prevent illnesses, prolong our life span and increase our overall quality of life. 

Simply put, our collection and cryopreservation packages give patients complete ownership over their health. They’ll be able to leverage the data to identify health triggers and take preemptive, personalized measures to improve their well-being over the short-term and the long-term. 

So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present that’s available nowhere else in the world and will benefit your loved ones for the rest of their lives, visit our website and purchase our cell collection service -- and give the gift of a healthier, longer life.